I’m so pleased to endorse Paul Hillsdon as a candidate in the upcoming Federal Election for the New Democratic Party riding of Surrey Centre. 

This is my neighbourhood, and in my view, Paul embodies everything that I look for in a representative who will advocate for the issues that are important to me – infrastructure, improved transit, affordable housing, homelessness, childcare and climate change.  

I met Paul while I was a Surrey City Councillor, where he often provided his feedback and analysis regarding City policies and decisions, and he was not afraid to let us know his opinions!  These opinions were backed up by a deep understanding of the issues.  

Progressive and keenly intelligent, Paul will be able to apply his significant expertise to developing Federal policy, and is an articulate, passionate hard working and civically engaged member of the community.  

As a mixed-race member of the LGBT2S+ community, Paul is also able to speak from an intersectional lens that will be a benefit to our diverse and growing community.  I wholeheartedly endorse Paul to represent my community in Ottawa.

Vera LeFranc, Former Surrey City Councillor

As a Surrey Councillor, I met with Paul Hillsdon several times and observed his articulate presentations at City meetings. He is passionate, intelligent, and well informed on the issues. He will be a strong and experienced Federal NDP candidate.

Judy Villeneuve, Former Surrey City Councillor

I've known Paul for over a decade. He has been a tireless advocate for making Surrey a great community to live. Fighting for better transit, school expansion, and affordable housing, Paul is always there for people who call Surrey home. 

Paul will be an excellent MP, and I look forward to working with him in Ottawa when he is elected.

Nathan Pachal, Langley City Councillor

I first met Paul while working for MLA Bruce Ralston in Surrey-Whalley. Paul has what it takes to make a difference in our community. He has a positive energy and a track record of getting things done. 

He’s been a strong advocate for affordable housing, improving transportation and accessibility in our city, and working to address gang violence to make our streets safer for all of us to enjoy. 

Paul is full of hope and optimism and demonstrates a strong commitment to improving the lives of Canadians. Vote Paul Hillsdon for the Surrey Centre NDP nomination.

Kimberly Arab, Former Constituency Assistant for MLA Bruce Ralston, Surrey Centre NDP Executive Member

As a labour organizer and former NDP staffer, I believe in Paul's unwavering dedication to climate justice and working-class people. 

Beginning at 16, Paul has committed himself to the meaningful work of uplifting and re-imagining a better society for all. We need MPs who will not hesitate to stand against oil companies and stand up for climate. We need to elect an MP who has the best vision for this riding. 

I believe Paul is the leader that Surrey-Centre deserves. He has already been so deeply involved in impact spaces in community, municipal government, provincial government and beyond. I'm excited to witness Paul's journey to Ottawa. 

Ayesha Khan, Surrey NDP Organizer and Global Shaper

As a young, millennial couple, we are deeply aware of challenges brought on by student debt, lack of access to affordable housing, and the struggle to access affordable mental health resources. 

Paul shares our concerns and shares our vision for just and equitable future. His clear stance on issues related to affordability, climate change, post-secondary education, universal healthcare, decolonization and so much more, make it clear to us that Paul is exactly the kind of person we want representing us in at the federal level. 

Paul is the future of our party. He is a strong advocate who is knowledgeable about policy and has a clear track-record of building up our community. 

We know Paul is the voice we need in Ottawa and we hope you will join us in supporting him become the next Member of Parliament for Surrey-Centre! 

Amir & Kathleen Ali-Yang, Surrey Centre NDP Members and Organizers

Paul is a community leader with amazing ideas. I've seen him work hard through the years to build a city that works for people. He represents the best values of the NDP. 

I support Paul for the nomination in Surrey Centre. He will make for an excellent MP!

Alishams Hassam, BC NDP President Vancouver-Hastings

I'm very happy to see Paul Hillsdon seeking the NDP nomination in Surrey Centre!  He'll be an excellent addition to Federal caucus and will do a fantastic job representing the people of Surrey Centre.  Good luck my friend, you have my support! 

Jaeden Dela Torre, Co-Chair of the BC Young New Democrats

Paul is a remarkably driven and passionate person who cares deeply about his community. His professional and personal experiences have shaped him to be a great advocate for positive change and I know he’s the kind of person who won’t stop until he gets the job done. 

I’ll always be grateful for the example he set early on in his career by running for office as a very young person. He kept at it, always pushing to make his community better by putting himself on the line. His campaigns were partly what inspired me to consider running for public office, too. 

We need more to elect more folks like Paul -- people who are committed to the cause of building a better life for everyone, not just the few.

Brandon Yan, Vancouver LGBT2QS+ Advocate