What I’m Fighting For

Affordability for All

The cost of living is too high. By investing in public services, we can reduce expenses on those who can least afford them and create a more affordable city.

I support:

  • Expanded Public Housing
  • Universal Childcare
  • Tuition Free Post-Secondary
  • Long-Term Care Reform

Extended Health Benefits for All

We do not have universal medicare in Canada. Essential medical benefits should not be conditional on your job contract.

I support:

  • Universal Prescription Drugs
  • Universal Dental & Vision Care
  • Universal Mental Health Care

Good Jobs for All

Too many people can’t get ahead. Employers are gaming the system to avoid paying you for your labour. All workers deserve a livable wage and basic rights.

I support:

  • Pay Raises for Essential Workers
  • Sick Days for All
  • Unions & Co-ops
  • Community Benefit Agreements

Climate Action Now

Our leaders have wasted too much time. We must act swiftly to decarbonize our economy and adapt to extreme weather events.

I support:

  • Sunset on Fossil Fuels
  • Zero Emission Homes & Transport
  • National Clean Energy Grid
  • Investing in Community Resiliency

Justice for All

We live in an unjust society. Together, we must confront the roots of our ongoing oppression including colonialism, colourism, and white supremacy, among others.

I support:

  • Justice for Indigenous Peoples
  • Empowering Marginalized Communities
  • International Solidarity with Oppressed Peoples

Build Downtown Surrey

We can build Canada’s next great city. We must invest in next generation infrastructure to ensure we create an inclusive downtown for everyone.

I support:

  • Expansion of SFU & KPU
  • Building a Federal Jobs Hub at Surrey Central
  • Expansion of SkyTrain into Langley, Newton & South Surrey